Fairwithhair is a company that focuses on quality and has a wide range of hair care, hair extensions, extensions, wigs and hair replacement products. For example, we are in Stockholm alone to sell hair extensions that are 70 cm long and are of absolute luxury standard with long life.

We have put a lot of focus on establishing strong partnerships with international hair manufacturers and we have strict guidelines when it comes to purchasing our hair extensions.

Our strength and what makes us unique in the market is also that we are available for all hair types! Whether you have Scandinavian, curly or afro hair, we have hair and products for you.

As a corporate customer, you can shop for all our products at favorable prices.To become a business customer, you do not need to be a hairdresser, we offer cooperation with shops, stylists and entrepreneurs who want to start a hair extension and hairbusiness.

We are a good choice for those who work or want to start working in the hair industry! Applying for a business customer is easy.Register as a customer in the webshop. Send a copy of your registration certificate from the Swedish Companies Agency or the tax office, together with your contact details.We will contact you when you are an approved business customer.

If you do not have a company registered yet, but you will do so, you may contact us anyway.Send the information to info (at) fairwithhair.se 

Please send the information to info (at) fairwithhair.se